The Benefits of Online Accounting

Jenna McArtney

The Benefits of Online Accounting


MMG is a fully accredited Quickbooks Accountancy.

Here are some of the benefits of using online accounting, specifically Quickbooks:



  • Users can access the software remotely to view reports and review the organisation’s finances. The app is also available for your smartphone or tablet
  • You can add unlimited users with different levels of authority without having to pay any additional fees



  • Custom reports can be easily created and shared and you can keep all of your favourite reports in one place for easy access



  • Easily manipulate data by importing/exporting transactions from/to other software (such as Excel)
  • As well as creating rules manually the software is intelligent so it will learn how you process transactions and remember this for next time and suggest actions when similar transactions recur
  • Create and generate professional looking invoices directly from software – no need to create these in a different package (such as Word) so no double inputting of data
  • Integrate Bank feeds to automatically import bank transactions and avoid having to enter information manually
  • The data is easily searchable and gives you the ability to drill down from reports to transaction detail
  • The software allows you to memorise frequently recurring transactions so that you do not have to manually enter these each time
  • You can create rules within the software so that it knows how to process various transactions saving you time entering the full details each time the transaction occurs



  • You can attach source documents to transactions so that you can easily access the prime records without searching through paper files


Real-Time Reporting

  • Dashboards make it easy to see the most important information at a glance in a graphical format
  • With so much automation available the whole book-keeping process becomes more efficient meaning that the data you see is likely to be up-to-date and more relevant
  • Easily track and report on different funds through classes, locations and projects
  • The software has built-in Budgeting or you can access advanced budgeting through integration with third-party apps



  • The software has an integrated payroll module that can be enabled for an additional fee
  • You can easily increase the functionality of the software by integrating several free or paid for third-party apps



  • Two Factor Authentication can be enabled to ensure anyone accessing the software must authorise the login from their mobile phone
  • No backups are necessary because the data is constantly backup up on the software vendor’s servers in numerous locations. No risk of losing a backup due to physical loss or data corruption and no need to remember to regularly back-up the data


24/7 Help & Support

  • Excellent online and telephone support is available 24/7
  • The “My Accountant” section allows you to easily communicate and share documents with your accountant
  • Your Accountant can review your accounts from their office simply by logging in. No more need to send a backup or wait until they visit your premises. You can now phone your adviser and they can see the same information as you instantly



  • The software keeps a full audit log so it is easy to establish who has entered, viewed and amended transactions



  • The user interface is very intuitive to use, you don’t need to be an accountant to use the software
  • Simply ask a question to get an answer. For example, you could ask “How much did I spend on Electricity in the last Quarter” and the software will provide the information without you having to go hunting for a report
  • The software will automatically scans for potential errors and provide a list for you to review (such as duplicate transactions etc)
  • You will never have to install updates because these will be pushed out automatically ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date version of the software with all new features available


Making the transition to online accounting and managing your financial success in the cloud couldn’t be simpler with MMG Archbold, a taster of Quickbooks can be found here.


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