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    WHAT: Eliminates paper dependency with automated data extraction with real-time integration. WHO: For businesses with multiple line item purchases, e.g. hospitality outlets with reasonable volumes. HOW: This application…

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    WHAT: Manages approvals online, to eliminate the paper trail. WHO: Companies with multi-tiered workflows and approval processes. HOW: ApprovalMax replaces paper and email based appovals with a fully…

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Trip Catcher

    WHAT: Expenses platform capturing and collating your business miles into expenses. WHO: Customers who are on the road HOW: Record every mile easily with this nifty application captures…

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    WHAT: Software to make payroll quick and easy. WHO: For companies with 1 to 500 employees HOW: This payroll software provides an easy-to-use dashboard to provide information to…

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    WHAT: Actionable strategies, systems and tools to help direct your business to achieving its goals. WHO: Integrating with QuickBooks and Xero, for businesses who require a deep delve…

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    WHAT: Jargon free predictions about your business performance using real-time data from your cloud accounting software to forecast the outcomes of your decisions WHO: For businesses using QuickBooks…

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    WHAT: Metrics and insights to provide real-time data for informed decision making, presented in a visual and engaging format. WHO: Any company that requires management information packs. HOW:…

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    WHAT: Compliance software that integrates with your existing platforms to provide real time data for informed decision making. WHO: For companies who have a requirement to keep and…

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    WHAT: A payment platform to securely transact online. WHO: Businesses that are online HOW: From start-ups to larger organisations, Stripe’s software enables businesses to accept payments and send…

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