Hannah Reynolds


The Coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges that we would not have imagined possible. The team at MMGA has supported local businesses for over 100 years, and we continue to do so through what have been worrying and uncertain times. Each new update and announcement have come with a twist and turn, but our proactive approach has meant we have found solutions to assist you every step of the way.

As we start to see a small flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, we have taken the time to reflect on what we have learned during this period of uncertainty and change.

  1. Communication is key

Effective communication with both our team and clients has been imperative. It has never been more essential that people get the right information at the right time. We have been keeping over 900 local businesses informed with critical updates through our monthly Bean Counter digital newsletter, and dedicated COVID-19 web page on our website.


  1. We’re in this together

A quick phone call, a friendly email or a debrief on Microsoft Teams can go a long way. We have recognised the real value of checking-in. We know the current climate is challenging and MMGA is here to support you.


  1. Time to reflect

We have seen the importance of taking time to reflect throughout this period. It has given business owners the time to question ‘why?’ around various elements of their operation. If you find yourself with new plans in place as a result of the pandemic, MMGA is here to help you make it happen.


  1. Welcoming our digital world

Who would have thought we would be entering the next tax year from home? Remote working has had its challenges but has proven the importance of making tax digital. Our Cloud-based solutions and digital meetings have meant we can collaborate with ease. There are elements of our ‘new normal’ that will soon become just ‘normal’ for MMGA. To find out more about making tax digital, please go to the blog.