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John D Forrest LTD



MMG are there when I need them. During a year of unpredictable and unprecedented change, Derek and Laura have communicated regularly and been available to answer my questions. We have met in person when regulations allow, and their use of technology when required has made me feel safe and supported.”

Alison Hume
John D Forrest Limited



The problem
We delivered a service that did not meet customer expectation
The solution
We own our mistakes and rectify them
The outcome
Increased confidence in a valued relationship
The MMG way
We never take our customers for granted. We know you have a choice.



We own our mistakes


We have been in business for half a century. During that time we have seen so many changes, not least in technology. Throughout 2020 our digital transformation has been invaluable. I’m not talking banks of servers or clever apps, just the little things like having our accounts up-to-date and available when we need them from our cloud accounting software, and using technology for communications on MS Teams so I can have meetings from the safety of our own home. I cannot imagine having survived the year we’ve had without it!
We’ve been with MMG since the 1970’s, when it was called Miller McIntrye & Gellatly, or “MillerMacs” to many in the Dundee area. Over the years we have seen many changes at the firm, and it hasn’t always been plain sailing. There was a time when it wasn’t a great relationship and the work produced wasn’t meeting the quality or standard that we expected from MMG. Not one to accept anything less than perfect, I raised my concerns with Derek. He took ownership of our concerns and rectified what was going array to get us back on course. Having a firm that listened to my grievances and didn’t shy away from the awkward conversations was helpful and has restored my confidence in the MMG team.