Derek Grant




WHAT: Eliminates paper dependency with automated data extraction with real-time integration.

WHO: For businesses with multiple line item purchases, e.g. hospitality outlets with reasonable volumes.

HOW: This application speeds up the invoice matching process. By automating the data extraction from Quickbooks and Xero and matching it to the relevant purchase order, your work processes are more efficient and effective, with less exposure to fraud.



Data extracted, without scanners
Line item data can be shared with accounting and 3rd-party systems, eliminating data entry.
Rules-based automation
Automatic routing of bills, automatic price-checking and automatic GL-coding reduces costs, and errors.
Customisable Approvals workflow
E.g., allow departmental managers to approve bills, before owner & bookkeeper sign-off.
Automated Statement Reconciliation
Lightyear automatically ensure there are no missing bills or credit notes at month-end.
Collaboration & Discussion
@mention colleagues and finance teams to notify them, ask questions and send approval tasks.
Group structure access
Associate companies together, and get a holistic view of all your businesses.