Jenna McArtney


We are committed to supporting our client’s growing business, and in December I to travelled to the U.S. deep south to spend the week in Atlanta, Georgia.


The purpose of my visit was to join more than 50 independent accountants at the CP America annual conference. This international organisation offers an opportunity to create a global network to support the growth of our local clients. MMGA has been a member of Accelerate, the UK equivalent organisation, for a number of years, and during that time we have created strong relationships with independent accountancy firms of all sizes from all corners of the world.  As members, we know that these firms share common values and work ethics and will deliver our clients the very best service, with a knowledge unique to their geographical location or specialism.


The annual conference provides the opportunity to get to know other independent firms, and this year I made new connections with firms from Holland, Germany, Canada and the United States. This is of significance, as I am working with a client that is expanding their business into new markets. These new connections could provide valuable advice about their country’s employment/tax/business legislation that I am not able to give as a UK-based Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser. By getting to know the people behind the firms, I am confident that I could seek advice and introduce my clients to an international network that I trust, secure in the knowledge that they are CP America members.


I also had the opportunity to enjoy a number of keynote speeches during the conference.  The variety and breadth of knowledge were useful, and it was insightful to understand how the UK compares against accountancy firms in other countries.  My understanding is that the UK is leading the way in fintech, not least our commitment to making tax digital that is set to transform our taxation system by 2020.  It made me proud to know that back home in Scotland, the team at MMGA has been supporting clients to make the transition for a number of years.  Read our previous blog posts about why the UK is “Making Tax Digital”, the benefits of online accounting and how this might affect your VAT.


As we start 2019, I’m keen to find out about your business strategy for the year ahead. If your business is looking to expand its reach and grow internationally, I would love to hear from you.  Our network of international accountancy professionals can help you to achieve your goals.  Get in touch!