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If there is one part of your business it’s not worth scrimping on, it’s your accountant. MMG’s nominal fee is more than justified in the service I receive and the peace of mind that brings. I feel safe with their knowledge and comforted by their experience. I can’t put a price on how much that means to me and my business.”

Simone Nisbet
Managing Director,
Tayside Garage Doors Ltd
The problem
A niche business, with specific challenges
The solution
Working with you to combine our financial knowledge and your industry expertise
The outcome
Supporting the business to pick itself up, dust itself off and continue trading
The MMG way
It’s sometimes more than just the numbers.




How do you fit two garage doors, 30kg of tools and three men in a 19 cubic meter van with two meters apart?
This cryptic puzzle was not in The Courier’s quiz page, nor did it require an equation from a fourth year student at Dundee High, it was the real life dilemma of Simone Nisbet at Tayside Garage Doors as a result of social distancing regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic.
After closing the business for one month, the team were happy when The Door & Hardware Federation advised that their work was permitted to resume. The reality was that the business could not operate as it had and still be Covid safe, and the logistics of transporting staff and materials had become a headache.
Simone shared her concerns with her accountant Jenna McCartney at MMG to find a solution. The furlough scheme was available to staff who could not work due to Covid restrictions in 2020. The installation team could not safely travel in the van together, so it was decided to develop a furlough rota so that one team member was furloughed for a one week period, allowing the other two colleagues to travel safely. This shared the work evenly between the team, and ensured that an individual wasn’t on furlough for an extended period. Vanessa in payroll assisted with the practicalities of furlough payments, to provide a solution to this cryptic puzzle.
At MMG we look at more than the numbers. This logistical dilemma could have posed real operational difficulties for the team at Tayside Garage Doors. By combining our practical knowledge of the furlough regulations and Simone’s reality of delivering a reliable service to her clients, we ensured that her business could pick itself up, dust itself off and continue trading.
Our team prides itself on being part of your team. We are here when you need us, and will always do our best to find the right solution for you.