2018 – Year of the Young Person

Aileen Bollan

2018 – Year of the Young Person

2018 is the official Year of the Young Person in Scotland.  Throughout the year, the Scottish Government has encouraged the country to celebrate the achievements and contributions our young people make to society.  #YOYP has asked people to share their stories to create opportunities and inspire the next generation. https://yoyp2018.scot


As the year comes to an end, we reflect on the good work of the organisations that we support.

Help for Kids has been the MMGA nominated charity for four years, a Dundee based charity that provides support for more than 2,000 disadvantaged children living in our local area, and this year has been no exception.

Our annual Easter Egg Appeal collected almost 100 chocolate eggs from our staff in Montrose, Forfar and Dundee and these eggs were delivered to the less fortunate children in our community on Easter Sunday.  As Christmas approaches we will once again be getting our Santa sack ready for our Toy Appeal and I know that our lovely staff will, as always, give generously. In September we hosted a fabulous Ladies Lunch at Piperdam Golf & Leisure Resort and later this month we will be one of the sponsors at an exciting event called “Strictly Come Prancing”.

Director of Operations Aileen Bollan reflects on why it matters to her: “I was invited by Help For Kids to be one of the competitors in the Strictly Come Prancing event,  one of the largest events ever held in the Dundee area.  The reason for this is definitely not because I am a dancer!  The fact Gok Wan is the head judge, and that the proceeds from the event will go solely to Help For Kids made it an easy decision.  Dundee continues to flourish as a city and it is therefore hard to believe that one in four children live in poverty.  Children do not choose to be born into poverty or to have a disability and if we at MMG Archbold can help put a smile on the face of a disadvantaged child then our sponsorship of Help For Kids is worthwhile.”

Each year, through our relationship with Help For Kids we make a donation to “Fiona’s Little Bookshop Christmas Appeal.”  The funding we give them goes towards purchasing books which are then distributed to local children who otherwise might never know the joy of reading a story.

We are also proud sponsors of DUSC Girls 13’s, Dundee United Sports Club 2001 and Ferry Athletic football clubs. Our support goes towards helping them to purchase rain jackets, footballs and team kits.

Young people are important to us and we will continue to lend our support where and when we can.