Accountants Dundee: Looking To Switch Financial Advisors?

Are you looking for accountants Dundee or Scotland-based? Or perhaps you’re looking to switch your financial advisor?

If you’re not seeing the results you want with your current accountants, it may be time to explore the benefits of switching from your current financial advisors to a new, fresh team.  There are factors both for and against making such a decision. After all, stability can be a good thing. But equally, from time to time, it is beneficial to consider the services currently at your disposal and whether changing to new accountants from across Scotland will bring a new outlook and better skills to your business(es).

Why Switch Accountants?

Loyalty is obviously very important, however, if you feel that your business is not doing as well as it could be financially (and you’re not receiving adequate support from your current advisor) it may be time to part ways. Statistics have shown that over one-third of clients are dissatisfied with their current accountancy firm and already looking elsewhere.

There are a number of clear reasons why you should consider switching to different accountants:

• Firstly, your accountant should be doing everything they can to mitigate your tax bills and reduce any other unnecessary outlays. If they are merely filling out the reports they need to fill out, and are not actively trying to offer solutions for saving money, then you need to change to an accountancy firm that is more proactive.

• Secondly, your accountant may be very bad at communicating with you and your business. This could be down to poorly explaining things to you in a way that you cannot understand or using too much accountancy jargon. However, it may also be a sign that they themselves do not understand the nature of your business and the industry it falls within.

Experienced accountancy firms will be able to offer you an accountant or advisor who has dealt with businesses in (or closely related to) your industry.

How To Switch Accountancy Firms In Dundee Or Scotland

If the above sounds familiar to you and you are seriously considering switching accountancy firms in Dundee and need a new financial advisor in Dundee.

It’s always courteous to inform your current accountant of a change. This does not necessarily have to be done by you or your firm – your new accountant could pave the way. Your new accountants will write to ask your current service provider for approval of the change, or if there is any reason why that change should not take place. This letter will also request all papers relating to your business’ accounts. Your current accountancy firm will contact you and ask for permission to release this documentation.

Other than that, there is little else you need to do. The whole switching process can actually be quite speedy if all parties involved are happy to go ahead. Many Dundee accountants are professional in their approach and will not try to stand in your way if you choose to change accountancy firms (though you may find your current accountancy firm trying to offer you a better deal to retain your custom). However, as specified above, there are a variety of reasons for seeking new advice, other than the pure, direct cost of the accountancy service itself.

So now that you are up to speed on the reasons why you should change accountants, and the process behind making the switch, there is only one decision left to make: who should your new accountant be? Well, one option is to come on board with MMG Chartered Accountants based in Dundee!

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