Submit Employee Benefits Reports on Form P11D by 6 July

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Gerry MacCrossan

Submit Employee Benefits Reports on Form P11D by 6 July

P11d forms for reporting expenses and benefits in kind provided to employees and directors in 2023/24 need to be submitted by 6 July 2024. It is important to note that paper forms are no longer acceptable. The return must be made online using PAYE Online for employers or commercial software.


Remember that reimbursed expenses no longer need to be reported where they are incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the employee’s duties. Dispensations from reporting are no longer required, although HMRC would expect internal controls to be in place to ensure that the expenses qualify.


It is also worth noting that trivial benefits of no more than £50 provided to employees need not be reported. This typically covers non-cash gifts to employees at Christmas and on their birthdays and can include gifts of food and alcohol. Employers should still maintain a record of these benefits and their justification, ensuring that they are not given as a reward for past or future service.