How your accountants can help you to grow your business

Paul Crichton

Paul Crichton

How your accountants can help you to grow your business

We are a small team of Chartered Accountants in Dundee, there to assist you with the numbers side of your business. From balancing your company’s books to completing your tax returns and getting them submitted on time, we’re here to help. There are plenty of jokes about accountancy being a boring discipline and many people, even hard-hitting businessmen, shrink from the complexity of the calculations involved. Not us!


Cash flow

It’s our hope that your accountant will be your best friend when it comes to growing your business. There’s a lot more to it than just producing an annual set of accounts for the taxman, understanding how your business works; its challenges and the flow of cash through the business is an important part of getting that right. As Accountants in Dundee we not only have local knowledge of the Dundee business community, we also have up-to-date knowledge of HMRC regulations and the tax framework to assist you to minimise your tax bill – saving you hard earned cash that can be ploughed back into company growth.


Management accounting

Our experienced team of Chartered Accountants can prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts for you. This in-depth analysis provides an ongoing overview of the performance of your business against its key performance indicators. This offers timely opportunities to identify areas where cost savings could be achieved, freeing up more money for expansion plans. If you’re looking for dedicated funding from your bank or other sources, our financial advisors based in Dundee will also be able to assist through preparing management accounts and supporting information, giving a timely snapshot of the health of your finances.


Bank loans

You may wish to approach your bank for a business loan, for instance, to invest in new premises or a new line of products. Having detailed information to hand indicating that you know and understand your business performance improves your credibility with the bank manager and gives them the data they need to make an informed decision.


Business Expansion

As our team of accountants operate across Scotland we can also assist if you want to move towards expansion more proactively, by investigating opportunities for mergers and acquisitions with other businesses. Not only can we help you identify suitable targets amongst your competitors or others, we will also evaluate the worth of those companies. We carry out due diligence so you understand the viability of such companies, and ensure you’re not putting your own business or your personal finances at risk if you invest.


Mergers and Acquisitions

If a merger or acquisition is your growth strategy, we will negotiate the terms and conditions of any merger or acquisition with your prospective business partners, ensuring you get the best out of the deal. If finance is necessary to buy another company out, as your dedicated accountants in Dundee we will facilitate any funding applications and supporting information. And once the merger or acquisition has gone through, you can expect expert advice on planning and moving forward.


Succession Planning

Now you’ve built your empire, you will want to make sure that you maximise the benefits in the future. As your Dundee accountants, we understand the important of succession planning. This will ensure the continuity of the business in the longer-term. A clear succession plan will help you achieve your goals and realise your dreams. Whether that is an early retirement, the purchase of a new business or something unique to you, we will be with you every step of the way.


Adding value to your business

Developing a good relationship with your Dundee based accountants can add value to your business in a variety of ways. It’s not just a case of keeping books and records; it’s more like having a chief finance officer, as and when you need us. If you’re interested in securing your own future and that of your business too, it’s well worth investing in a good accountancy service sooner rather than later. We’d be delighted to hear from you.