Meet the Egg Heads: Jenna McArtney

Jenna McArtney

Jenna McArtney

Meet the Egg Heads: Jenna McArtney

Over the next few months, you will be learning more about myself and my colleagues through the theme of eggs! It may sound bizarre, but it will all make sense very soon. The purpose of our egg head campaign is to highlight the importance of tax and why MMG is the right place for the job. It just so happens that we have the perfect amount of tax advisors to make up a box of eggs. From there, we hatched a plan to create the egg head campaign, allowing you to learn more about our team and our experience in tax. Through a bit of magic (and some Photoshop), our team of tax advisors, became the egg heads.

What has been your journey at MMG?

“While studying for my accountancy degree, I had the opportunity to complete a placement with MMG, and as they say, the rest is history! It was not long before I was onboarded onto the company’s graduate programme, where I completed my Chartered Accountancy exams. Before long, I donned the title of Client Manager, which enabled me to gain my very own portfolio of clients. That is when I noticed that time and time again, my client conversations would return to the inevitable – tax. Lucky for me, I have a passion for analysing data and numbers (yes, really!) which factored into my pursuit to become a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA). I do not seem to do things in halves, which meant I buckled up and went forth to complete the examinations in just one year…It was certainly an experience! Although a strenuous process, it was all worth it as soon after I became an associate at MMG, which led to me becoming a company director in 2019!”

What is the process of becoming a Chartered Tax Advisor?

“At the time of undertaking the Chartered Tax Advisor exams, they were made up of four components which you had to pass before becoming a CTA. Although you can choose to do the course over three years, you can also do what I opted for and take all the exams in one year – not for the faint-hearted! It is safe to say that the course is no easy feat, but with working full time, managing a client portfolio, and balancing studying it was what worked best for me.”

How do you help clients achieve their goals?

“I support a broad portfolio of clients across an array of sectors. This keeps my role interesting and varied, and it also means I am in tip-top shape with ever-changing tax regulations in a multitude of industries. I support my clients with several tasks, including business sales and tax efficiency. I stay on top of ‘what’s hot’ in tax regulation so that our clients do not have to, ensuring they can focus on their business while I take care of the numbers. Although I have a large portfolio, I like to know that each client feels supported and safe in the knowledge that I am here when they need me.

“I have come across many unique situations in my time as an accountant. What people might not realise is just how person-centred accountancy can be. I have supported people through some pivotal moments in their careers and lives, including debt management and succession planning. At MMG, we see clients as the people behind the accounts and not just their books; one of the highlights of my role is making a difference in people’s lives.”

What makes MMG stand out from competitors?

“Where do I start? As a proud member of the tax team, I am pleased that we have an impressive number of qualified CTAs, which make us experts in handling taxes and giving informed advice to our clients. Notably, we are heavily involved with the Accelerate group, a community of relationship-focused, technology-driven, value-based accounting firms. Our involvement in this community has proved invaluable as it allows us to cultivate knowledge and understanding from experts across the industry. Moreover, we also have connections with its US counterpart, which has enabled us to seek advice for those with business overseas.”

What’s next for MMG?

“Moving forward, I would like our tax team to become known for our proactive and client-focused approach. MMG has grown significantly in the years past, and I am keen to ensure we remain a person-centred firm harnessing our skills, expertise, and technology to help our clients achieve their financial goals.”