Dundee Financial Advisor – Do You Need To Go Local?

A Dundee-based financial advisor may be something you are considering if you are located in or around Angus and Tayside. Is it important to choose an accountant local to you? We take a look at the pros and cons in further detail below.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, you don’t need to be located next door to a business in order to take advantage of their services! In fact, individuals and businesses are using service providers from all over the world, but what does that mean about the relationship with your financial advisor? Will they be equipped to help your business if they do not know the area?

It is definitely more beneficial to choose accountants that are, at the very least, located in Scotland if you enjoy a mixture of online and face-to-face communication. There is no denying that online accounting is extremely beneficial and it can save businesses a huge amount of time, boost accuracy, and help them to spot trends for opportunities for business growth. However, this does not completely eliminate the value of having an accountant based locally.

Face-to-face meetings may not be a regular occurrence, but they may be required from time to time, and they can be highly beneficial and time-efficient, resolving matters without protracted correspondence. Not only this, but an accountant based in Dundee will have local knowledge of taxes and businesses in the area, which may also give you some additional local insight.

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