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Gerry MacCrossan


Over the next few months, you will be learning more about our team of Chartered Tax Advisors (CTAs) through the theme of eggs…yes, eggs! The purpose of our egg head campaign is to highlight the importance of tax and why MMG is the right place for the job. Why egg heads? Well, let me eggsplain… The definition of an ‘egg head’ is a ‘highly academic or studious person; an intellectual’ and with a team of four qualified tax advisors and two in training, we only saw it fit that we share their eggcellence! Alongside our other CTAs, I’ll share my journey with MMG and how our tax team is here to support you.

What has been your journey at MMG? 

“I first joined MMG as a Chartered Accountant trainee in the 1990s, and from there, I started to take an interest in tax and became a specialist in tax by undertaking the CIOT (Chartered Institute of Taxation) examinations.  I passed my final exams in 2008 and became a fully qualified CTA. I chose to become a specialist in tax as I found it interesting; the ever-changing laws keep me on my toes, making the role diverse. I’m now the Head of Tax here at MMG, and it’s great to see the increasing enthusiasm in taxation as our team grows.”

How do you help clients achieve their goals? 

“As a CTA, I get to liaise with a large pool of clients. It gives me the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships, which I thoroughly enjoy. I like to speak regularly to clients so I can help them organise their tax affairs in an efficient manner and save tax where possible.”

What should clients expect from MMG? 

“At MMG, we’re proud of our reputation for offering reliable and helpful advice. We work with clients to create tailored strategies centred around helping them achieve their financial goals.

As the team expands, we plan to further enhance the taxation support on offer to help our clients’ finances. Our main goal is to transform our tax team into a haven of support, with a proactive approach and advisory service that’s ahead of the curve.”

What makes MMG stand out from competitors? 

“MMG has a team of highly qualified individuals who can offer expert advice. Whether it’s online or in-person, our door is always open. We are a person-centred business that takes pride in building trusting relationships with our clients. I suppose that’s what makes us stand out. While technology takes centre stage in the world of accountancy, we continue to focus on what’s at the heart of all businesses – people.”