Meet the Egg Heads: Hannah Cobban

Hannah Cobban

Meet the Egg Heads: Hannah Cobban

You may have noticed an abundance of eggs appearing on our social media channels over the last few months and wondered what is going on?! Well, it’s all for good reason. At MMG, we’re on a mission to make tax fun (yes, you heard that right)! Over the next few months, you will find out why MMG is eggcellent at taking care of your taxes and the best place for the job. We’ve recently heard from the eggspert that is Hannah Cobban, a Senior Accounts Manager and Tax Manager, to learn all about how she can help you stay informed on taxation.

What has been your journey at MMG?

“I joined the MMG team as part of the merger with Finlayson’s, where I’ve worked since 2019. Although my role focuses primarily on accounts, I’ve become increasingly interested in tax over the years. Why tax? Well, as I’m sure you can imagine, my top query of all time is, ‘how can I minimise my tax liabilities?’ Honestly, this is something I wasn’t all that sure of how to answer, that’s until I studied to become a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) in 2021.

“I opted to complete all the CTA exams in one year, it was a crazy target, and I still can’t quite believe I did it. Although this was somewhat stressful, I adore learning, and I love tax. Yes, really – I love tax. I thoroughly enjoy the continuous learning that comes with taxation and the opportunity to save my client’s money, which in turn, helps them to achieve their goals.

“My interest in all things tax has sent me on a personal mission to enable others to make it easier to understand. Each day at MMG is different, and I never know what to expect – that’s why I enjoy my job!”

How do you help clients achieve their goals?

“Through my experience, I often support colleagues and client’s by taking complex jargon and summarising it in a digestible way. It’s much easier to find solutions to save our client’s money if we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet!”

“I often find myself trying to stay ahead of the curve and have already begun processing my client’s tax returns even though they are due in January. Tax laws are always evolving, so it’s important for me to stay up to date with them to keep my clients informed and my knowledge relevant.”

What’s next for MMG?

“At MMG, we’re always looking for new ways to add value. Our tax service is a key focus point, and as our team grows, we aim to become more proactive so our clients can make the most of their time with us.

“I look forward to seeing what the future holds at MMG, and I sense great things on the horizon! I’m excited to continue learning and adapting to the ever-changing world of tax, and if you ever need my jargon-busting services, I’m here to help!”