Behind the Curtain: Meet Joanne, Virtual Finance Manager

Derek Grant

Derek Grant

Behind the Curtain: Meet Joanne, Virtual Finance Manager

As the MMG team continues to grow, we’re exploring what exactly happens behind the curtain of an accountancy firm. It’s not all spreadsheets and statements. We are collaborators that help our client’s businesses to achieve real results. If you’re familiar with MMG, you’ll know we’re big supporters of digitalisation in accountancy. We’re delighted to welcome Joanne to our team as the manager of our virtual finance division. Joanne tells us more about her role while reflecting on the importance of virtual finance.

Why team MMG?

“It’s a bit of a funny story, really. My first job after I graduated was as a Trainee Accountant with MMG. I then qualified as a Chartered Accountant and was with the organisation for a total of four years. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous capers with the company but moved into a new role within the financial services industry. In my past life with MMG, I had worked alongside our now new Virtual Finance Lead Jonathan and Director, Derek Grant. In fact, Jonathan and I did our training at the same time and even qualified on the same day. I leapt at the chance to get the ‘dream team’ back together when the Virtual Finance Manager vacancy came up. As they say, the rest is history!”

As the Virtual Finance Manager, what does your role entail?

“As Virtual Finance Manager, I’ll be supporting the wider team while helping to develop our department. Virtual finance is new to MMG, so there’s plenty to be done. I’ll be helping clients who want to explore the real-time processing of their finances and use digital solutions to make that dream a reality. The financial service industry was very bespoke, so my role at MMG is considerably different. The cloud-based solutions available are still quite new to me, but it’s been an interesting learning curve. I look forward to helping our team and department progress, it’s an exciting time to work with MMG.”

Why is the shift to virtual finance important?

“The world is changing, and people want accessible information at their fingertips. I like to think of virtual finance as a streaming service; think Spotify or Netflix except for your finances! I’m driven by efficiency, and virtual finance offers exactly that. As a mum of two children, time is precious to me, and I can see the benefit of digitalisation in accountancy. We’re moving in the right direction. The software and expertise exist; it’s just a matter of creating efficient packages of support. Having access to instant data would mean businesses can shift direction in line with their current circumstances, not just based on last year’s books. Clients could get what they need instantly while we can collaborate and share our expertise to help their businesses to pivot and thrive. It’s a win-win.”

When you’re not crunching numbers or supporting your team, what do you like to do outside of work?

“I love to explore with my children and dog, we are always looking for new walks or places to visit. There are so many attractions that I have never been to, and taking the kids is always a great excuse. We love exploring different parks, beaches and recently went to the Glasgow Science Centre for the first time, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, me or the kids!”

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